Getting started with Foxymail

Foxymail is a fully-featured email marketing application to enhance and further your business development so that you can manage your email campaigns, lists, create/modify the templates you want, track and follow-up on your campaigns and have website tools at your disposal if you have your own website.

Your area is private and your lists, campaigns, and personal templates are not shared whatsoever. Below is a summary of the main features of Foxymail and this document will show you how to use these features.

Dashboard – You can see a detailed overview of your campaign and how it’s doing, with all the stats.

Lists – You can create/import any type of list – personal contacts, outside sales associates, clients, and any other type you have or need.

Templates – You can create, design, modify, store, and re-use any template you want. Further, you may find a template you like on the web, save it to your system and upload it to your ‘My Templates’ area.

Campaigns – You can create unlimited campaigns to your lists, sending manually or you can set up auto-responses to your subscribers.

Automations – You can visually design your automated email flow. Schedule auto-responder in response to your contacts’ activities, like open email, or click a link, etc.

Tracking/Follow-up – One of the most important aspects of any online system is a tracking method to engage in client follow-up. Foxymail gives you detailed tracking logs so you may engage those clients who have shown interest merely by their click activity.

Tools – Multiple forms are available for you to simply copy and paste into your webpages if you have a website. The more forms you use, the better the tracking methods you can create.

Terminology – If you are unfamiliar with Email Marketing, please view the Terminology area at the end of this document manual before reading so that you will have an understanding of the terms throughout.

Abuse – Please note that Foxymail does hold some responsibility and accountability by each user with respect to lists. For example, if you purchase or have an old list and you are unsure of their verification, you may subject your own email address to being blacklisted.

Foxymail requires all users to have Subscribers who have ‘opted-in’ from a website form. If you are not required to do so, and you choose to use your own lists, it will be wise to have some type of ‘verification’ process or program to determine if your lists’ emails are active and will not bounce, or your bounce rate is minimal.

A bounce rate of more than 3% puts you under the ‘blacklist’ radar.

It is strongly recommended to have these document manual in front of you upon your first login and begin some of the setup procedures listed herein.


Required order before creating your first campaign:

  1. Set Account requirements with registration.
  2. Create at least one Email List.
  3. Create or import at least one Template.
  4. Create your first Email Campaign.

Log in with your email address and email password.